One common thread that connects most top ranking slot gacor players is their very similar profiles. Most of them love to compete and are well educated. However, the most distinguishing characteristics of all is that these poker pros is that they have a strange knack or ability of being able to identify the weakness of their opponents and cash in on this weakness. The best poker players in the world do not play good poker purely because they are lucky. They do so because they have developed a strategy. They are able to read the thoughts of their opponents in a very uncanny manner. The minute they have deciphered the flaw in the oppnonents’ strategy or move, they use it to their advantage. Ray Zee is a great player whose moves are as well calculate, as in a game of chess and he says that he spends all his energy trying to find out what his opponent is thinking about him; before he makes a move. reports:

Billy Baxter is one of those players. Like Bobby Baldwin and Amarillo Slim, Baxter began his gaming career in pool halls.

Can One Make a Living Out of Playing Poker?

In today’s times the lure of big prize money and fame has enticed many people into playing poker full time and making a living out of it. Although this is a fairly workable proposition, it requires skill, dedication, perseverance and discipline. A professional player must constantly improve upon his or her playing strategy. Just getting bookish knowledge like reading Texas Hold’em for Advanced Players, will not do the deed. The player must read it many times and act upon the tips given. Successful Professional Poker players are aware that poker is primarily a psychological game. They know that the single method of enhancing their game is by thinking efficiently and clearly. Maintaining a constant focus within the game and constantly learning while playing, is of paramount importance. reports:

Knowing where and at what times the loosest middle and upper middle limit poker games are played are the number one secret for those that play professional poker on line. On line poker professionals win most of their money from the weak players (fishes-suckers), so finding a table with two or three fishes on it, is extremely important if you want to succeed in this game. – The New, Controversial Website With Humor as its USP

Pokerjesusonline is the newest poker website to be launched. What sets this new site apart from the multitude of other online poker sites, is its use of humor in gambling. The site has become somewhat controversial. However the website is of the opinion that it is not making fun of Jesus, rather making an attempt to do something wacky. They want to entertain the visitors and with this as their prime motive they have created the site. This site is a Texas Hold’Em strategy site and specializes in low limit poker strategy. It has a section on chip tricks as well as a poker forum, along with music. reports:

“Beside hosting poker site reviews, poker bonus codes, and all the usual stuff that everyone else has on their poker sites, Poker Jesus Online is uniquely original,” says a representative of the website. says upcoming weeks will see cartoons, unusual contests and poker freerolls.