With the players all on the first break we did the rounds to get some rough chip counts. The great news is that every single player is up on their starting 20,000, our Brazilian friend sanghoki leads the way with 42,000. He may not sanghoki speak much english but it was easy to tell he was pleased with doubling up before the first break.
Day 1c off to the races
With one player (flail1) already safely through to day 2, the last flight of days ones is off to a cracking start.
Looking around the tables everyone seems to be doing really well as we close in on the first break of the day. From the hands I have been able to see Halo77 has taken down a couple of big pots and looks to have turned his starting stack of 20,000 to over 30,000. Another player making some strong moves has been billbones, he turned a reraise into an insta-fold with a very strong push early, taking down a juicy pot with calm aggression. Also looking to play strong is BatataSC, he is Brazilian and has sometimes struggled a little with his english so far, but once the days play started it became clear he spoke fluent poker and some strong raising sees him in a good position.
The other guys that look to be doing well but are hard to see are bradfish and Barcajuve, they are both in the center of the room, and thanks to Joe Hachem being on Barcajuve’s table there are a lot of cameras around so its hard to count their chip stacks, but both players look to have more than healthy stacks.
The other runner we have today is dannyboy904, he looks to be playing a nice a patient game, waiting for the cards, he certainly isn’t losing chips in a hurry so he is still in good shape.
Its great to see the entire group playing well and representing Carbon Poker in style!
APPT Seat Winners Land In Oz!
After months of anticipation and a great deal of hard work, the lucky winners of our $50,000 Super Seat Freeroll and recent APPT package winners have finally touched down in Sydney, Australia.
Despite feeling jet lagged, our eight players and one blogger were all in high spirits and eager to see what their week down under had in store.
To help get things started, Shane and I prepared an authentic Australian bbq at one of our best known beaches, Coogee Beach. At first some of the team were a little unsure if they should be munching down on one of this country’s national emblem, but once the juicy tenderloins were simmering…. the poor kangaroo stood no chance!
BBQ Menu:
Wagyu Steak
Kangaroo Steaks
King Prawns
Lamb cutlets
And plenty of beer for all!
It was a fantastic evening and the perfect way for all our players to put faces to nicknames and share a few stories. This might surprise you, but it didn’t take long for everyone to start swapping their bad beat stories….
After much eating and drinking we packed up for the night and headed back to the casino for a quick nightcap and some much needed rest.
I would have to say that of all the live events I’ve attended with numerous seat winners, that this particular group seem to have all bonded and become a supportive team, quicker than any before… I’m hoping that this vibe can carry on into the tournament and help keep our players positive when they battle for that million $$$ payday.
Winning is contagious
Once again the Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed was a huge success, with over five hours of tournament action to keep our players happy.
Remember our Turkey Day Grand Final heads-up finalists, Mada1970 and Bokonon? Well, last week Mada1970 came through on our Sunday 20k for a seveth place finish, and this week the Turkey Day Champion, Bokonon, came through for his shot at the 20k and cashed in tenth place, which is quite a feat considering the field of 297 players.
The final table was full of players holding exclusive online stars and accolades, key indicators of tough opponents.
A key hand came with seven players remaining, as a three-way all in bet was brought to the table pre-flop. carebearbluffer was sitting on A6, wwwwwwwwwwwwww (great username) held AK, but both were dominated by crACEy who held AA. The rest is history as crACEy took down a monster pot.
crACEy jumped in on one too many race situations and busted out a short time after the big win. Zagara took the lead and was in a very strong position against FrederickHendrick when it came to heads-up play.
After a confusing period of bluffs and raises, both players eventually found themselves all in against each other with somewhat underwhelming pocket cards. Zagara was ahead with A6s, while FrederickHendrink had Q3o. If either player picked up a pair from the table cards, it would all be over.
The board paired two Jacks, and the key card was Zagara’s high Ace, meaning she took down the grand prize of $5400 for a first place win!