Dead Sea Salt… it’s not just for cooking! This unique, natural element will soothe, heal, and rejuvenate your body.

Dead Sea Salt – What’s So Special?

Discovered centuries ago, Dead Sea Salt is now the key ingredient in a variety of personal care products. The infamous Cleopatra, considered one of the most beautiful women of all time, went to great lengths to obtain this exclusive salt.


Dead Sea Salt


Compared to other salts, this one has a high concentration of unique minerals… over 80 in fact. These minerals are responsible for the healing and rejuvenating power of the salt. They work in combination to promote beautiful, healthy skin. A few of the leading minerals present are ..


Bromine – soothes and relaxes the muscles

Calcium – encourages cell regeneration, increases circulation, improves moisture retention of the skin

Magnesium – tones the skin, supports cell rejuvenation

Potassium – balances the skin’s moisture, has anti-bacterial properties

Sodium Chloride – acts as an astringent, enhances the immune system


Healthy Skin, Healthy Body

Dead Sea salt products are known to ease the symptoms of skin disease, such as psoriasis and eczema. Added to bath water, the salt…


Relieves muscle tension

Induces relaxation

Alleviates dry skin

Stimulates circulation

Eliminates toxins

Skin feels soft and the spirit is lifted after a relaxing mineral bath. Imagine sitting in a warm bath, immersed in this exclusive bath salt… achieving the rejuvenating benefits once enjoyed by Cleopatra! What’s not to like? Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better


Dead Sea salt has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It’s now easy to find in health stores or online. I prefer varieties infused with essential oil. The therapeutic value is doubled when combined with aromatherapy…


Eucalyptus – eases congestion when a cold or flu strikes

Grapefruit – uplifting and balancing

Jasmine – soothing, lessens anxiety

Lavender – calming … great for bedtime baths

Rosemary – energizing … when you need a “wake up” call

Trust nature. Enjoy the numerous benefits of Dead Sea Salt. You can shop with confidence and purchase Dead Sea Salts at