The second of three knockout events during PokerStars’ SCOOP 2012 kicked off yesterday as Event #13. Players played down to approximately the final three tables, at which time they went on break for 12 hours, resuming today, May 11th to finish off the tournaments.

Event 13 Low buy in $20+$5 bounty+$2, $200k gtd

An astounding 17,806 players participated in the smallest buy in tournament of this event. Final table play began with agahlol holding a substantial lead with over 28 million in chips. Sitting in second place was GRneau with nearly 15 million in chips, with the next closest opponent, yvydendyvy, holding 8.5 million chips.

The action was non-stop and just 60 hands later it was heads up with 111malik111 at 46.5 million holding a slight lead over agahlol and his 42.5M.

The first two dozen hands ended mostly preflop, with agahlol taking them down with relentless aggression. 111malik111 then doubled up when his trip kings turned into a rivered boat, to beat agahlol’s turned straight. 111malik111 먹튀검증사이트 gained a huge 3.5:1 lead thanks to a lucky river.

Agahlol then took his turn to double up a few hands later, when his A5 held up against 83 suited. The stacks were essentially even again. The action slowed and the players traded small pots back and forth. Neither player wanted to make a mistake now that it was anyone’s game.

The lull in the action didn’t last for very long. The final hand saw numerous raises and both players getting all in on an innocuous flop of 653 with two spades. 111malik111 was in the lead with pocket tens, but agahlol was in great shape, holding J-5 of spades. The turn bricked, but the river was a spade. The winner was agahlol, who took down the SCOOP Champion title along with $41,661. 111malik111’s second place finish earned him $30,270.

Event 13 Medium buy in: $200+50+15, $300k gtd

The Final Table of the medium stakes tournament began with javiklet holding the lead with 4.9 million in chips. The average chip stack was 1.85M. One PokerStars Team Pro made it to the final table, Chirstophe de Meulder “chrisdm”, of Belgium, with a slightly below average 1.7M chips.

During 5 handed play, chrisdm ended up all in from under the gun in what would turn out to be the biggest pot of the tournament thus far. However, his pocket jacks received no help against the pocket kings of trujustrus. His 5th place exit earned him $28,629. Play was paused briefly while players quickly came to a deal for the remaining funds. With most of the money locked up, the 4th and 3rd place finishers were soon decided.

Heads up play started with Trugustrus and Javiklet in a dead heat. Javiklet had a slight edge with just below 8.4 million chips, vs Trugustrus’ 8.25 million. The SCOOP 2012 Event 13 Champion was decided in just 11 hands after heads up play began. Trujustrus was gaining momentum and chips as he won the majority of the pots leading up to the final hand.

Javiklet, sitting on a 3.4M chip stack, made a minimum raise with A-J from the button. Trujustus continued his aggression, with a large all in from the big blind. Javiklet called and they were off to the races with AJ against Trujustus’ K-Q.

A king on the flop, followed by a second king on the turn put the last nail in Javiklet’s coffin. His second place finish earned him $73,421. Trujustus walks away with the SCOOP Champion title and $82,379.

The Final Table bubble of the high buy in tournament lasted quite some time, but eventually it was K_0_S_T_Y_A of Russia whose fate was sealed as “bubble boy”. Final table play began with whereisdonny holding the chip lead at 572k chips. The average chip stack at this point was 278k.

Three handed there was no shortage of action at this high stakes final table. Chips were flying around the table in pair over pair confrontations pre-flop, as well as post-flop such as in the 1.25 million chip pot where ROSTBURK’s flopped trips with K5 on a Q-5-5 two diamond board had to fade two cards against the A-7 of diamonds held by whereisdonny.

Despite all the action, 3 handed play lasted quite some time. Chips seemed to move around and around the table, with the lead changing hands multiple times throughout the course of the shorthanded final table.

Eventually there was another casualty. ROSTBURK raised pocket sixes from the small blind and WushuTM shoved his short stack all in with AK. The board was no help and WushuTM found himself exiting in 3rd place, netting $102,280. With that win, ROSTBURK solidified the chip lead, with 1.7 million in chips to whereisdonny’s 806,000.

It took over 75 hands of heads up poker to determine the eventual winner. ROSTBURK 3bet from the big blind against whereisdonny’s opening raise. Whereisdonny took a little time and then called in position. The flop came A-7-3 rainbow and ROSTBURK lead out for a little under 40% the size of the pot and whereisdonny called. The turn brought an 8, which put two spades on the board. ROSTBURK now checked, then whereisdonny chose to make a small bet, which ROSTBURK called.

The river brought an interesting 6 of spades up, completing possible straights and back door spade draws. ROSTBURK checked once again, to which whereisdonny then made a pot sized bet all in for the rest of his stack. ROSTBURK snap called with the nut flush, the A-5 of spades, while whereisdonny showed a helpless bluff, Q-9 offsuit. ROSTBURK is the winner of the SCOOP 2012 Event #13 high buy in event! He takes home a solid $190,380 and the championship title.